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Our classes will show you how to have fun with your dog while you teach manners and boundaries.  A trained dog is your partner for life!  Depending on demand we offer Basic Manners, Agility, and Flyball.  



Open to dogs and puppies 11 weeks and older at the start of class
(puppies must have had their second round of Distemper (DHP) vaccinations by the start of class).

The owners will learn:
● clicker training basics
● management techniques
● tools to build a strong relationship of mutual respect with our canine companions
● important socialization information

Together we will teach the dogs:
● hand targeting
● "SIT", "DOWN," "STAY"
● techniques to establish a reliable "come" command
● "leave it," “drop it”
● stop jumping on people
● loose leash walking

7 Weeks -- $110 payable the first night of class to the instructor, Stephanie Wilcke.

Held at Flying Fur (8889 Virginia Ave, Newport – 4 miles west of Blacksburg on 460)

Mondays at 6:15 p.m. for puppies under 6 months old.  July 8 - August 19
Thursdays at 6:15 p.m. for dogs of all ages.  July 11-August 22

To register, email this questionnaire to  



Open to dogs and puppies 16 weeks and older at the start of class.  This class is intended for those dog/owner teams that have already mastered “sit,” “down,” “stay” for short durations and short distances and have moderate leash control.  This class does not address socialization for the dogs.  We will build on the skills you and your dog learned in Basic Manners 1 and begin to add more distractions.

In this class, we will focus on:

  • improving leash walking

  • increasing distractions during “stay”

  • building a reliable “come” in different environments

  • strengthening various aspects of our friendly greetings


7 Weeks -- $110 payable the first night of class to the instructor, Stephanie Wilcke. Held at
Flying Fur (8889 Virginia Ave, Newport – 4 miles west of Blacksburg on 460)
Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. for dogs of all ages:  July 11-August 22

Held at Flying Fur (8889 Virginia Ave, Newport – 4 miles west of Blacksburg on 460)

To register for any of the classes, please email this questionnaire to  

Do none of the above options fit your needs? 


Our trainer, Stephanie O’Connell Wilcke, offers private training for just $80 per session (student discount and packages for multiple sessions are available).  3 sessions for $225,  5 sessions for $350


These sessions can address any training issues or behavioral concerns including problems such as leash reactivity, separation anxiety, fearfulness, etc.  Stephanie teaches clicker training and uses the latest science of positive reinforcement. We will never use choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, electronic collars and other devices that may hurt your dog.  Stephanie is independently insured and CPDT-KA certified.  CCPDT is the leading independent certifying organization for the dog training profession worldwide.

For more information or to schedule your first appointment, visit:

Dog Training


Foundation Skills For Agility -  This class will help dog and handler teams learn the skills they will need to be successful when starting agility training. It focuses on becoming a team with your dog. Class will cover building off-leash control, targeting, handling moves, flat work for agility, and some basic obstacle introduction. Prerequisites: Dogs must be at least 8 months old by the start of class; Dogs must have taken a basic obedience class or have had equivalent training; Dogs MUST NOT be aggressive towards other dogs or to people!

Beginning Agility - (For dogs that have passed the Foundation Skills for Agility class or the equivalent.) This class will focus on introduction to all the agility obstacles, as well as some simple sequencing and handling skills.

Intermediate Agility -  (For dogs that have passed the Beginning Agility class or the equivalent.) This class will focus on more advanced sequences and handling skills, as well as continuing to work on correct obstacle performance.

For more information about agility class schedule and other training opportunities, see the All American Dog Sports website.

E-mail to register for these classes or if you would like additional information.



Flyball is a team relay racing sport designed for high-energy dogs and their owners .


As part of the training your dog will learn the basic pattern of jumping 4 jumps, executing a “Swimmer’s Turn”, retrieving a ball and returning over the jumps. Check out the sport and more information on the New River Rapids Flyball club at . 

We have found that a "total immersion" system of training in  the context of our regular practices works to teach people and dogs the game, and incorporate new members into our community.   

 If you are interested in bringing your dog to a practice and getting to know us, please email Sharon Harrell at  We usually hold practices on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons at Flying Fur! 

The New River Rapids club was formed in 2008 by Sharon Harrell. With an interest in both fast dogs and fun times the team is constantly working to improve every dog and to enjoy time together.

New River Rapid Dogs in Action on YouTube by clicking here!

For more information about our club or the sport of flyball, please see the New River Rapid's website.

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